170,000 Lost Jewish Documents


The YIVO Institute for Jewish research announced the recent discovery of 170,000 pages of Jewish manuscripts that Lithuanian librarian Antanas Ulpis hid from the Nazis in the basement of a church. Included in the find are secular books, seforim, and record books of shuls and yeshivos.

A treasure of the collection is a manuscript from Rav Avrohom Dov Ber Kahana Shapiro, the rov of Kovno, who authored the three-volume Dvar Avrohom. There is also a letter written by Rav Eliyohu Meir Bloch about the study of mussar in Telz and other important pieces.

YIVO has saved 1.2 million Jewish documents from Eastern Europe.



  1. This as been known for a long time
    B’H I was able to get the Dvar Avrohoms Megilas Eicha and a pair of Tefillin out many years ago
    It’s a Treasure house and there are many more


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