2,200 Troops Deployed to Ferguson



Ferguson, Missouri will see a huge rise in the number of National Guard troops following a critical press conference by Mayor James Knowles III who questioned Governor Jay Nixon’s deployment plans. A total of 2,200 troops will protect Ferguson’s streets tonight.

Last night, riots and looting caused chaos in the streets as locals responded to a grand jury’s decision to allow Officer Darren Wilson to walk free.

“I don’t believe we’ve seen the commitment from the state we hoped to get,” Knowles said earlier today. “And knowing that there there’s so many people out there who committed a crime, who committed destruction, who aren’t going to be held accountable, because law enforcement was overwhelmed-it makes me concerned for the nights to come.”

Around 400 Guard troops were dispersed to areas around the St. Louis to protect government buildings and businesses, but Ferguson saw very little aid until early this morning, after the damage had already been wrought throughout the city. Weeks prior, Knowles was guaranteed full aid, but the plan changed last minute and without explanation. Read more at St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. “A total of 2,200 troops will protect Ferguson’s streets tonight”

    What?!!! Is this America??? WHO IS IN CONTROL??? Where is our President??? Where is our Attorney General??? Congress MUST vote right now to IMPEACH the dog in the White House!!!

  2. 1. The National Guard is under control of the Governor of Missouri, not the President or Attorney General.

    2. Impeachment is an indictment by the House of Representatives. There then must be a trial with the Senate sitting as jury and 2/3 of the Senate must vote guilty to remove the President from office. The Republicans have 53 seats in the new Senate. Do you honestly think that they can get 14 Democrats to vote to remove President Obama from office? If so, I can get you a good bargain on a bridge or two.


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