3 Israeli Arabs Convicted of Funding Mourabitoun

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The Yerushalayim District Court convicted three Arab Israelis today of illegal activity under the Terrorism Funding Act.

Muhammed Jabarin, 52, from Umm al-Fahm, Najib Qawasmeh, 61, and Khalil Abbasi, 59, both from the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, were charged with illegally paying Arabs to harass Jewish worshipers visiting the Temple Mount. The Arabic name for the harassment squads is mourabitoun.

The mourabitoun were founded in 2012 by the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel. Before being declared an illegal organization in September, 2015, the group operated free daily shuttles to the Temple Mount for Islamic activists from all corners of the country. Israeli security officials said that activists were paid USD 771–1,028 a month, with some of the funds coming from the Gulf States.

According to the indictment, the three men were convicted of transferring money from dubious sources, such as Qatar, placing the funds in prepaid debit cards, handing them out to Temple Mount activists as payment. This activity was conducted after the organization had been declared illegal and thus constitutes a criminal offense.

According to the indictment, Jabarin delivered USD 32,000 in cash to Qawasmeh and Abbasi, who then were responsible for distributing the money to activists as payment for rioting and harassing Jews on the Temple Mount.

All three men plead guilty as part of a plea bargain with the Jerusalem District Attorney. They expect to receive a sentence of 14 months prison time and a USD 5,000 fine each.

By Michael Zeff – Tazpit News Agency / Photo: Hillel Maeir/TPS



  1. 14 months for conspiring and organizing mass terror attacks?! Yet, the same judentat that is so easy on Arabs, goes all draconian if a Jew dares even a fraction.

  2. Israel is at the mercy of Hashem. If we have any condition for our own safety it is to cling safely to Torah.

    If we have any more hate from our Arab neighbors, we have continued in our poor fate of hate for tradition and good faith.

    Overall, a jew who has Torah can make his enemies into friends.

    I have a palestinian neighbor and he and I have friendship. Its easy because he is an American, but even political discussion is just funny moods for the two of us. Of course, he is educated, older and has family.

    Still, we must find more hope. A jew without Torah is a wager on just more hate for our own people growing against our own careful decree and hope.

    This world must encourage more kiruv and discuss the very utmost importance of keeping kosher and growing our beards.

    There is no other way to be jewish and a curse as described in Deuteronomy 28 is very real and very much the reality that Hashem has designed our fate.

    Be good and learn Torah, study Tanakh, grow a full beard, kippah kipped up (or hat) and keep your tzitzits.

    This is probably irrelevant because the readers of Matzav are very intelligent.

    Scary to think that Mr. Netanyahu who is a great mind has not learned enough Torah to find that Hashem will be stronger to help him in his peacemaking skills. I can only think that his greatness could be an overnight success if he just stops shaving and has a future plan to do his best with kashrut.

    Could peace be as simple as keeping Torah? I think one really hopes we could all keep our ways and it would be clear it would be a success.

    Shalom. We need more friends.


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