North Korea Returns Soldiers’ Bodies 65 Years After War Ends


An American military jet has left North Korea Friday after taking possession of what is believed to be the remains of US troops killed during the Korean War some 65 years ago, the White House said.

North Korean officials handed over the probable remains on the anniversary of the signing of the armistice that ended the conflict, which claimed the lives of tens of thousands of Americans, over 600,000 Chinese, 600,000 Korean soldiers and over a million Korean civilians.

The North Koreans turned over what they say are an initial 55 cases holding remains. It may take months of detailed DNA analysis to determine how many American service members can be identified.

Read more at CNN.



  1. Thank you President Trump, once again proven as the Greatest President of America. May G-d continue His Heavenly blessings towards you and protect you and your family. Amen!


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