3rd Annual Shabbat Retreat For The Body And Soul Only A Few Weeks Away


shabbos-retreatShabbos…the highlight of our week. Our only chance to reconnect to our Source.

Sadly, for too many Jews, Shabbat is just another day for errands. There are so many of our brothers and sisters out in the cold, yearning for a taste of Shabbos.

Imagine a Shabbat retreat where you can bring your neighbor down the block, your workmate with those probing questions, the guy at the mechanic who wants to experience the real thing. Visualize a cozy hotel and campus, gourmet meals, spirited singing, fascinating lectures, and above all the camaraderie of belonging with Jews from all backgrounds in a warm, supportive atmosphere.

Want to make a difference in the world? Trying to combat the rising tide of assimilation and intermarriage?

Yearn to reach one Jewish soul and ignite the spark dormant within?

Project Inspire’s 3rd annual Shabbat Retreat for the body and soul is for you.

On Shabbos Parshas Naso, the weekend of May 29-31, join a group of dedicated Jews who have reached out of their own orbits to enrich another Jews’s life.   Bring a friend, neighbor, or someone you care about, who is not yet affiliated. Be wined and dined at the exclusive Hudson Valley Resort, while treating yourself, and your guest, to a Shabbos of inspiration.

Boasting world-renowned star speakers, including Charlie Hararay, Rebetzin Lori Palatnik, Harry Rothenberg, Yaakov Salamon, Yitzchok Feldheim, and many others, this Shabbat of Inspiration promises to change your life, and that of your friend.  The rates for this incredible weekend are heavily subsidized, in order to enable as many people as possible to attend. CLICK HERE TO JOIN.


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