$50,000 Bus-Poster Campaign For Shabbos


At the cost of $50,000, four hundred public buses in the Tel Aviv and Yerushalayim are displaying banners declaring the importance of shemiras Shabbos.

“When I guard the Shabbos, Hashem safeguards me,” the posters proclaimed. “The Shabbos safeguards the Jewish people. Do not remove the safeguard! With Shabbos comes repose. We preserve the heritage of two thousand years. We have no one to rely on by our Father in heaven.”

“The bus campaign is only the beginning,” Rav Pinchas Reuven, organizer of the initiative, said. “I plan to soon do more to protest against Shabbos desecration which is increasing throughout the country. This will include large conferences throughout the country where people will cry out for Shabbos and speak in praise of Shabbos, which has guarded the Jewish nation since they became the chosen people.”

{Matzav.com Israel} 


  1. I think the yeshiva bochrim throwing stuff at cars and roaming the street like a bunch of hooligans is working well to promote the sanctity of Shabbas. Makes me wonder why Moshiach is not here.

  2. is this an initiative of the Halperin family? The optical chain owners’ father a’h was behind the Credit Card, Sirens & other campaigns for Shemiras Shabbos. More recently, the brothers were involved (as reported on Matzav) with a Shomer Shabbos Gas company. What ever happened with that idea?

  3. Tidy campaign.

    Sadly, the only way to help a jew who does not keep sabbath is to daven and hope your own safety is with Hashem and Torah.

    A smarter campaign is to discuss Kosher needs. That would give the soul its guilt it must have. That is in my feelings a greater problem among jews than their mood that might set them out to buy some sardines on saturday.

    Still, we are not well in our era when many jews eat non-kosher food and do not even politely discuss that Torah is a right of the entire jewish universe.

    That is where we are in trouble, but if we want a 50,000 leering campaign, we got it. Smart.


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