5/5/15 = National Fiveish Day!


fiveishWhy is today THE day to enter the Oorah Auction? Because it’s National Fiveish Day, that’s why!

If you look closely at your calendar today, you’ll probably figure out why the National Day Association decided that today is going to be National Fiveish Day. We’ll give you a hint: it has to do with the fives.

So, it’s official – today, 5/5/15, is the first ever NATIONAL FIVEISH DAY!

To kick off the inaugural National Fiveish Day, Oorah is celebrating by giving anyone who enters the Oorah Auction today an entry into the $5000 bonus raffle.

That’s right – by entering the auction today, you will also be entered in the $5000 bonus raffle!

To participate, you just need to donate a minimum of $5. That’s $5 for any one of Oorah’s 50 fabulous prizes! Of course, the more you donate, the more prizes you can choose.

Don’t miss this momentous event. Be a part of history! Enter Now!

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  1. You’ve lost your luster. Initially, all this in your face Fivesh was interesting. But now its run its course and is boring & stupid. I’ve moved on to other Chinese auctions already.

  2. full of stupitidies

    They rob peopels minds
    They should be shut forever including the zone

    Donate to kollel yungerlieght!!

  3. Fiveish is so cool that the nickels and dimes are easily forgotten by the big big lips and eyes of the big five dollar bill. I am not sure we are building community but somewhere in the evil there might be a small penny.


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