75% Of Gaza City Without Electricity After Lines Damaged By Strikes


gaza-strikeElectricity was disconnected in major areas in Gaza City after heavy Israeli strikes on the al-Shujaiyya neighborhood, the electric company said Friday.

Public relations officer at the electricity company Jamal al-Dredsawi said the two main electricity supply lines coming from Israel were damaged. Al-Dresdsawi told Ma’an that two out of three lines were damaged, which means 75 percent of the city is without electricity.

He added that repairs would be delayed because of the ongoing strikes on the area. He explained that the 25 percent that receives electricity will work on the usual intermittent schedule.

The official added that the electricity line from Rafah to Cairo was damaged three times in the last two days, and it was repaired last time at 8 p.m., worked for 30 more minutes, and then was struck again.




  1. #1Rabbi is right. Now, just turn off all power supplying Gaza. And yes, cut the fuel, water, everything and end this already.

  2. i must have missed some important point.
    Why send our soldiers into Gaza??? What for?
    Gaza doesn’t need to receive electricity from Israel, let them sit in the dark and for sure they will calm down a bit.


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