Abbas Threatens to Break Partnership with Hamas


abbasThe rift between Fatah and Hamas that developed over the course of Operation Protective Edge continued to widen yesterday, when Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas spoke to Egyptian reporters, threatening to break their current partnership if the organization in Gaza doesn’t begin to make some changes.

“If Hamas won’t accept a Palestinian State with one government, one law, and one weapon – then there won’t be any partnership between us,” said Abbas. “This is our condition, and we won’t back away from it.”

The Palestinian leader made the comments while on a three day visit to Cairo, where he said that dialogue with Hamas regarding Palestinian reconciliation could only continue if the organization based in Gaza softens its position.

“We will only be talking to Hamas if they meet our requirements. The partnership with Hamas depends on arms being under the control of the Palestinian State,” said Abbas referring to Hamas’ underground military wing led by Mohammed Deif.

Ynet News

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