Ads On Yerushalayim Buses To Show Women


egged-busThe Egged bus company and its advertising agency, Cnaan, have reached an agreement with the government that will allow for women to be shown on advertisements placed on the company’s Jerusalem buses. The government will help cover the costs of coping with vandalized buses.

The state and Egged arrived at their agreement following a petition submitted by the “Yerushalmim” movement against the Transportation Ministry, Egged and Cnaan. Yerushalmim is a non-profit organization that campaigns for diversity and pluralism in the capital.

In August 2012, Egged announced that it would no longer have men appear in advertisements displayed on its buses, after the Transportation Ministry threatened to fine companies that discriminate against women in their ads. The company said that from now on, people would no longer feature in their visual displays on buses.

Read more at Israel Hayom.

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  1. “The government will help cover the costs of coping with vandalized buses.”

    WHAT??? Am I reading correctly? Vandalizing has become the norm?

  2. If someone chooses not to look at women, he chooses to look the other way and control himself. he should not impose his chumra on the rest of the population of Yerushalayim.


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