After 8 Years, Regesh Volume 11 to Be Released


regesh-11While there are some people who bend to the winds of time, there are others who are steadfast in what they believe in. One of these people is Harav Shmuel Brazil, maggid shiur in Yeshiva Sh’or Yoshuv. An outstanding talmid chochom and mechaber, Rav Brazil is renowned as well for his inspiring musical compositions. His niggun Shalom Aleichem is sung in tens of thousands of homes across the world each Friday night. His Yevonim is sung by tens of thousands each Chanukah (many people do not realize that the niggun was composed by Rav Brazil).

In recent times, with Jewish music shifting and adapting to more current trends, Rav Brazil’s music has remained unchanged. His music is pure. It is full of heart. It is full of Rav Brazil’s heart.

Rav Shmuel Brazil
Rav Shmuel Brazil

Those who have enjoyed Rav Brazil’s musical contributions will be glad to learn that Volume 11 of the Regesh series, composed by Rav Brazil and featuring Reb Abish Brodt, has been released.

After an 8-year break since the release of Regesh Volume 10 during the summer of 2001, the new album, titled Yesod Veshoresh Ha’avodah, has been released.

During these 8 years, Rav Brazil and Reb Abish have each released a number of musical albums on their own, but Regesh fans always wondered if their favorite series was history. Would Reb Abish and Rav Shmuel team up again? No one knew.

abish-brodt-2Well, now they are back for their eleventh album, some 26 years after the release of Regesh Volume 1, featuring Modeh Ani, Shomer Yisroel and other classics, in 1983.

Regesh is one of the longest lasting and most inspirational series in all of Jewish music. In their new project, Rav Shmuel and Reb Abish engage your musical tastes while leaving you singing, dancing and wanting more.

The CD is now in stores.

 {Written by Dovid Bernstein for Newscenter}



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