Agudah Statement On Obama’s Approval of Same-Gender Marriage

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agudath-israel-emblemThe following statement was released by Agudas Yisroel of America following President Obama’s statement in support of same-gender marriage:

In the wake of President Obama’s sharing of his personal feeling that the millennia-old institution of marriage should be redefined in contemporary America, National Jewish Democratic Council chair Marc R. Stanley declared his admiration for the president’s demonstration of “the values of Tikkun Olam.”

A political group is entitled to its opinion, no less than a president is to his. But to imply that a religious value like “Tikkun Olam” – and by association, Judaism – is somehow implicated in a position like the one the president articulated, is outrageous, offensive and wrong.

We hereby state, clearly and without qualification, that the Torah forbids homosexual acts, and sanctions only the union of a man and a woman in matrimony.

The Orthodox Jewish constituency represented by Agudath Israel of America, as well as countless other Jews who respect the Jewish religious tradition, remain staunch in their opposition to redefining marriage.

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  1. For some reason the reform/conservative contingent cleaves to some twisted idea of tikkun olam while ignoring most of the rest of Torah and Jewish law.

  2. kol hakaod , SHLOI OSSANI GOY, Ssys the HEILIGER
    Chofetz Chaim ZT”L that it doesn’t reffer only to the shikker and the low life people, but even to the most important president or king , SHELOI OSSANI GOY……………………………..

  3. In my opinion marriage is a religious institution, and therefore no secular government has any authority in matrimony.

  4. Where were you when in New York State we could have acted to stop Cuomo and the other Democrats from twisting the arms and bribing a handful of Republican renegade Senators from shoving the toaiva bill down our throats?? Vee sechristalt zach yeedalt zach

  5. Thank you Agudah for speaking out! It’s to bad our President has defiled the highest position in the land! Even Clinton with all his shortcomings understood, this is not something you tamper with. I truly hope Obama gets thrown out of office! He has absolutly NO legacy! What a disgrace!

  6. Obama himself does not care either way. He has taken this position as he believes it will gain him the most votes…

  7. Kudos to Agudah for this statement, Obama has flip-flopped on his poititon of same gender marriage, which will likely give Romney some good ammunition in the general election.

  8. Since when do presidents ask their minor children for advice before making important decisions? Furthermore, what kind of president speaks to his daughters about their friends’ parents at the dinner table? Next thing you know, he’ll be asking his dog Bo for advice. He has no tact and is a disgrace to the office he serves.

  9. “The Torah speaks about certain sins, the commission of which was the cause for the obligation to destroy every last remnant of the Canaanite nations. In describing their immoral behavior, the Torah says of the acts they performed, “…kee es kol eileh osu vo’okutz bom,” they should be destroyed and eliminated from the world so that no trace remains of a society predicated on such a disgusting “lifestyle”. We are warned, repeatedly, that should this filth and degradation appear among us, it would be cause for the same instructions(amendments) to be issued vis-à-vis the Jewish people, may Hashem protect us from this.

    To our great chagrin and shame, there has arisen among us a group of political office seekers who openly espouse this Canaanite behavior and who are leading proponents of teaching it to innocent children in the youngest grades and making it acceptable in American society.

    Besides destroying the innocence of these children from the earliest age and ruining any morality that remains in to day’s civilized society, they would openly provoke the wrath of the Holy one, Blessed be He,against our contemporary society in the same manner as it was directed against the Canaanites.”

  10. There are singles stationed in all neighborhoods at all ages.

    We are looking for guidance and can’t find any.

    Why don’t we come out as forcefully to assist with shidduchim as we come out,rather rightfully to criticize Mr. Obama???

  11. I didn’t write number 20
    R Belsky did when he wrote the hakdama to the kol korei regarding not voting for Fidler


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