Air Force Officer Wants To Use Bombs To Fight California Wildfires


An Air Force staff officer says firefighters battling blazes in California and Colorado should take a page from Sweden’s playbook and drop bombs on the conflagrations to extinguish them.

On its surface, the notion flies in the face of logic — how could an explosion put out a fire? But USAF Staff Officer Mike Benitez says shockwaves caused by detonation can blow out fires like candles on a birthday cake.

“This was recently put into practice in Sweden, where a Gripen fighter jet from the Swedish Air Force dropped a single 500-pound bomb on a forest fire, momentarily depriving the blaze of oxygen and successfully extinguishing it within 100 yards of the detonation point,” wrote Benitez, a former Marine and current Air Force officer, on his blog


Read more at NY POST.



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