Airline Industry Considers Cracking Down On Unruly Passengers


planeLong lines, baggage fees and canceled flights: For passengers, the experience of flying today can trigger enormous stress.

But internationally, airlines are focused on another pressing problem: incidents of air rage that are on the rise.

Alcohol is among the key factors the airline industry cites as causing an increase in unruly passenger incidents. And sleep medication on long flights is adding to passengers’ failure to follow directions.

On international flights between 2007 and 2011, reports of passenger misconduct increased dramatically, from 500 to more than 6,000, according to the International Air Transport Association.

But the numbers in the United States tell a different story. Despite some high-profile cases, instances of air rage and unruly passengers are decreasing.

Read more at CBS NEWS.

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  1. The airline industry should put up or shut up. There are tens of bars where they serve endless alcoholics at every international airport before one enters the plane. In addition, one can buy as much liquor as they want on the airplane as long as they pay for it. Why are they complaining about people being drunk.
    Remember, generally speaking, one gets to the airport, 2-3 hours before flight time and the wait time till the plane takes off and it takes time to travel to the airport, with all this time people wouldn’t be drunk if the airlines wouldn’t sell and promote whiskey.

  2. first of all, the prices the airlines charch nowadays is enough to get anybody enraged, but kidding aside, the stress that people go through as passengers so often experience such drastic problems, starting from check in issues to language issues delays to connecting flight problems to luggage etc.etc. it takes a toll on a lot of people not that i am saying it should be done , the opposite it should be wiped out totally. i was on a flight lately when an asian guy sitting next to his partner drank one to many after a 6 hour delay at the gate and the croud around them literally had to mix in to fend for his partner.


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