Al Shloisho D’vorim: Matanos L’evyonim, Mishloach Manos and Prayer in Partnership with Jerusalem Open House-Linas Hachesed


jerusalem-open-house-linas-hachesedIt is always our most fervent desire to perform all mitzvos with the utmost hiddur to the best of our abilities. Oftentimes, it’s simple and straightforward. But what of those that require a larger number of prerequisites? What about mitzvos like matanos l’evyonim and mishloach manos? Our sages have taught us that, in order to merit full schar for the mitzvah, there are multiple different aspects that we must satisfy: To perform these mitzvos hayom in all properness, we must ascertain that (a) the recipient of our matanos l’evyonim is a true evyon, (b) the funds be delivered to him on Purim day, and (c) the money be used to actually feed him. As far as mishloach manos goes, its ideal form is in ready-to-eat foods, namely for the Purim seudah.

So, what of those mitzvos?

Well, according to the psak of HaGaonim HaGedolim Harav Elyashiv zt”l and Harav Wosner shlita, the most surefire way to certify that your matanos le’evyonim and mishloach manos contributions fulfill the mitzvos to the ultimate is by providing edible food for the poor and needy on the day of Purim. And that’s just what Jerusalem Open House-Linas HaChesed has been doing for the past decade and a half.

This incredible organization was established in the late 1980s under the auspices of HaTzadik Rabbi Chaim Cohen shlita, and to this day operates as a soup kitchen for the needy in the heart of Jerusalem. Its doors are open seven days a week, and two warm meals are served every day of the year. Hundreds of Yerushalayim’s downtrodden Jews find their way to these inviting doors. The nourishing hot meals are a lifeline for so many poor almonos, yesomim, elderly and infirm, who cannot even rub two shekalim together to buy some bread. To those so desperately hungry, this organization is literal hatzolas nefashos. Hundreds of innocent, hungry children stop by every morning on their way to cheder, reviving their bodies and souls so they can pull through another day of Torah learning. Even those who are too weak or too proud to walk into a soup kitchen are tended to, with meals discreetly delivered to them b’derech kavod.

This is not a periodical “food drive”; the Jerusalem Open House-Linas HaChesed operation runs seven days a week, providing food for the needy throughout the year, including shabbosim, yomim tovim, and all other days of the year. On Purim, the Jerusalem Open House-Linas HaChesed soup kitchen will serve thousands of festive Purim meals to poor, hungry Jews throughout Eretz Yisroel, in Jerusalem, Haifa and Emmanuel.

With the worldwide economy being as it is, the Jews in Eretz Yisroel have been impacted to an extreme. Until now they had barely anything to eat, but now they truly must make do with nothing at all. Jerusalem Open House-Linas Hachesed has become the emergency support system for hundreds of additional Jewish families in these trying times. And with all that they must give – there is so much they need to get.

They turn to acheinu b’nei yisroel with an urgent request and a worthwhile exchange: help us and we will help you.

Join us. Feed at least two evyonim, as required by halacha, for just $36.

Feed more evyonim for an even greater mitzvah. Jerusalem Open House is introducing a new feature this year: For $540 and up, the meal packages will bear your personal name to celebrate your generosity at the precise time and location of its distribution.

A gift to the poor. An opportunity for you.

With your donation of $36 and up, Linas Hachesed will hand over your kvital with your personal request to the hands of Reb Chaim Kanievski on the day of Purim.

To donate and have your names and bakashos recited during these auspicious days please call 1-800-216-8905.

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  1. They do tremendous work. I have been there personnaly to see how they operate. They feed over 500 mouths a day.
    Ashreichem Bnei Yisroel


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