Alan Dershowitz: Iran Deal Could Ignite Mideast Firestorm


alan-dershowitzIf it turns out that the proposed accord with Iran allows Tehran to construct a nuclear bomb in 10 years – by abiding by all the conditions until then – it is sure to ignite a firestorm among surrounding nations, Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said Friday on Newsmax TV’s “America’s Forum.”

“Israel, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Egypt, Jordan will not accept the deal and will say they’re not bound by the deal and they have an option to do what they think they have to do to protect the survival of their own countries,” he said.

“We all hope it doesn’t come to any kind of a military option being exercised, but if the choice is between Iran getting a nuclear weapon and Iran being prevented from getting a nuclear weapon, obviously the prevention, whatever it takes, is preferable by at least the countries who are most directly in danger. Of course, the United States is also in danger because of the ICBM.”

The public needs clarification about whether it’s “a 10-year deal or a 15-year deal or a 25-year deal,” he continued.

“It sounds to me like it’s a 10-year deal, which if it’s complied with legally, Iran is entitled legally to start to develop a bomb in 10 years. If so, that’s not a good deal. It’s just a postponement, kicking the can down the road, and creating a game-changer, to quote the president’s own words.”

Congress has two options to step in, he said.

“One is to simply not withdraw the sanctions. That doesn’t require any votes, that just requires nothing to be done. And the other is to try to pass a statute that requires a veto-proof majority, which probably is not available right now.”

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