Amazing Technology: The Cicret Bracelet: Like A Tablet…But On Your Skin


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  1. another avoda zara for todays generation R”L

    each technology causing the kedusha of Klal yisroel to get lower & lower R”L

    each thing created causes us to be more into the physical world & remove ourselves from Spirituality-ruchnius.

    so your gonna say someone here is crazy & doesn’t want to take advantage of the amazing world we have today with everything included in it etc… NO there is nothing wrong with flying on a plane to Israel & waking up 10 hours later in Israel what used to take months on a dangerous ship… anyone can have a cell phone but to have the fanciest one when its not a necessity for you personally is crazy…. well that’s the world WE ARE ALL LIVING IN TODAY….

    where will the kedusha of klal yisroel be in 5 or 10 years from now? if we continue this way

    save yourself & your holy neshama before its too late… use the gashmius technology that you NEED to get you through life in this temporary world NOT the technology that you WANT.

    may we all wake up before its too late

  2. please don’t be corrupt & dishonest & force Hashem to bring Destruction upon you by showing Hashem your corruption & dishonesty in business.

    the entire message is true & honest so unless your being corrupt MATZAV then you have no reason to post it. & if you are being corrupt then you are causing destruction upon yourself-which I would hate to see-like in the days of the mabul

    I wouldn’t want to see a letter about the dishonesty of MATZAV on another website it would be a big chillul Hashem


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