Arab Commentator Circulates Photo of Kosel Kvittel on Emirates Hotel Letterhead


koselPopular Arab commentator Sultan Al Qassemi circulated a photo on Wednesday showing a note left at Judaism’s holiest site, the Kosel,that was written on stationary from a hotel in the United Arab Emirates.

“Jewish worshiper at Wailing Wall in Jerusalem sent me image of prayer note written on a paper from a Sharjah hotel,” Al Qassemi captioned the photo on Twitter.

The paper, seemingly taken from a hotel in the UAE city of Sharjah, is shown propped up in a crevice alongside other kvitlach at the Kosel.

Qassemi, who gained prominence with his social media activism during the Arab Spring of 2010 and 2011, writes freelance for international publications including The Guardian, Financial Times, Al-Monitor and CNN.

Israel and the UAE have no diplomatic relations, though reports sometimes surface about some cooperation between the countries. While Israelis cannot visit the Emirates, Jews from many other countries can.

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