Arab Party Balad Boycotts Opening Of Knesset Winter Session


mk-zoabiMembers of the Arab party Balad boycotted the opening of the Israeli Knesset winter session on Monday in response to the Knesset Ethics Committee’s decision in July to bar MK Hanin Zoabi (Balad) from all plenum sessions and committee meetings for six months, following multiple complaints filed against her by MKs over her anti-Israel statements.

In a press conference held by Balad members at the Knesset building, Zoabi said, “When they suspend me from Knesset, they are essentially saying they don’t want Arabs, they only want ‘good Arabs.’ We won’t be ‘good Arabs.'”

A new poll commissioned by Israel Hayom from the New Wave Research Institute revealed that 85 percent of Israelis would like to see Zoabi dismissed from the Knesset over her recent remarks comparing Israeli soldiers to Islamic State terrorists.


{ Israel}


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