Audio: Nachamu Nachamu Ami


shabbos-nachamu[Audio below.] As we move forward, taking inspiration from what was hopefully our last Tisha B’Av in golus, we look ahead, with motivation to be better and make Hashem proud in everything we do. We have a newfound drive to grow in Torah, to increase our limud haTorah, to perfect our middos bein adam lachaveiro, and to be steadfast in our adherence to the path of Torah.

We prepare for Shabbos Nachamu, when we read the timeless words of consolation of the  novi“Nachamu  nachamu ami.” We have mixed emotions – sadness because we are still in golus, with the Ribono Shel Olam‘s Face hidden from us, but joyous because we know he is always watching over us and waiting to bring us that final geulah, may it be soon, in our day.

And to get us into the Shabbos Nachamu mood and spirit, click below to listen to Shlomo Carelbach singing his soul-stirring niggun, “Nachamu Ami.”

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