Australian Baby Survives 5 Days in Drain


australian-baby-drainAn Australian baby was miraculously found alive after he was allegedly abandoned in a Sydney drain for as many as five days. Cyclists happened to notice the baby boy when they were biking through the city on Sunday. The hospital where the infant was later treated said he appeared to be recovering well, even though the odds were against his survival.

“In 100,000 other cases, the child would never have been found by chance the way he was. He shouldn’t, on the balance of probabilities, have made it out of that drain. But he did,” said a staff member at Westmead Children’s Hospital.

Police have formally charged the baby’s mother, saying she left him in the drain Tuesday morning after a 30-hour labor. “The accused makes full ¬≠admissions to putting the baby down the drain knowing it may kill the baby,” according to court papers. ¬†Read more here.

{Andy Newscenter}



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