Autopsy: Michael Brown Was Shot at Least Six Times


michael-brownThe unarmed black teenager killed by a police officer August 9 in Ferguson, Missouri, was shot at least six times, according to a preliminary private autopsy.

The New York Times reports that Dr. Michael Baden, former New York City chief medical examiner, flew in at the request of Brown’s family to conduct a private autopsy, separate from the local one and another ordered by Attorney General Eric Holder.

Two of the bullets hit Brown’s head, and four hit his right arm, Baden said. None were likely shot at close range-no gunpowder residue was found on Brown’s body.

Brown would not have survived the shooting even if he had been taken to a hospital right away, Baden said. Read more at The New York Times.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Why is the former Chief Medical Examiner of NYC, a major prestigious position, now the ME of Ferguson, Missouri, not exactly the most prestigious job in the USA? Is he still professionally-qualified? By what authority? “Just asking.”

  2. Correction of my post: he is not the ME of Ferguson. He was removed from the CME job in NYC by Mayor Ed Koch. What is his occupation now? So Why did Brown’s family chose him?
    Still just asking.

  3. He was called in because he’s still a nationally recognized authority on forensic medicine. They don’t have people on that madregah of knowledge in St. Louis. He’s also from far away, so he’s not open to local pressure, as the Ferguson ME could be.

    Let’s wait for the Justice Department autopsy results – they’re the ones that are going to decide if there’s going to be an arrest and indictment. Pressures on the local level make it difficult to be objective.

    It’s commonly known that law enforcement shields its own whenever possible. Remember the Abner Louima case in New York? That only went to trial because one of the officers in the precinct was Jewish, and asked his rabbi if he was obligated to report. Volpe, the officer who brutalized Louima, will be sitting in jail until 2025, but only because one officer who saw him was Jewish.


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