Avi Schnall: We Need Your Hishtadlus


Dear Friends in New Jersey,

In Governor Murphy’s proposed budget there were several critical funds that were cut:

  • Nonpublic school nursing aid was cut by $1.4 million. The rate allocated per student was previously $97 and is now at $87
  • Nonpublic  school Technology grants were reduced by $2.4 million. The rate was previously $37 per student and is now at $26
  • Nonpublic  school transportation Aid was reduced from $1,000 per eligible student to $884 per student.

Over the next few weeks the legislature will be revising the governors proposed budget and will be introducing their own budget which is then presented to the governor to sign. It is imperative that we reach out to the legislative leaders in Trenton and implore them to reinstate these needed funds.

The key members of the legislature are

Senate President Sweeney sensweeney@njleg.org

Assembly Speaker Coughlin asmcoughlin@njleg.org

The message is simple. Our children are equal to all other children. In a budget which increases public school funding by $277 million, the nonpublic school funds should at the very least not be reduced. It is critical that all these funds be restored.

Now is the time to act and with the collective voice of our tzibur we will BE”H be successful.

Thank you for you hishtadlus.

Avi Schnall


  1. Rav Avigdor Miller zatzal said not to trust or vote for the immoral Democrats. Some of us were smart enough to follow his advice and not fall for the smooth talking snake. Too bad our wonderful askanim didn’t learn anything from Parashat Bereishit. Now, NJ is turning into California’s twin brother.


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