Ben Gurion Boosts Security: 2nd Passport Check Before Boarding


ben-gurionEnhanced security measures for departing passengers have been imposed at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport, airport authorities said. The new procedures at Ben Gurion International Airport will require passengers to undergo a second passport control check in the waiting lounge prior to boarding, Haaretz reports. The newspaper said the new measures will prevent attempts to bypass passport control and will also prevent criminals from skipping the country.

Ben Gurion International Airport is considered to have one of the most elaborate security systems in the world. Until the new measures were enforced, passengers underwent an initial security check before checking their luggage and receiving boarding passes. Prior to passport control, hand luggage also was screened.

All those procedures will remain intact, but will be enhanced by the second passport check, the newspaper said.

Statistics released by Israel’s Airports Authority estimate 2.3 million passengers will depart from the airport in July and August.

{UPI/Yair Israel}


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