Bereaved Mother Blasts MK: You Know Nothing About Democracy


Leah Goldin, the bereaved mother of Hadar Goldin, an IDF soldier whose body has been held by Hamas since 2014, blasted Yesh Atid MK Elazar Stern over his proposal to place a cap on prisoner swaps with Arab terrorist organizations, Arutz Sheva reports.

Speaking to Channel 10 Thursday morning, Goldin rejected efforts to implement recommendations offered by the Shamgar report, which suggested Israel ban mass transfers of Arab terrorists in prisoner exchanges, limiting such swaps to a one-for-one formula.

“Everyone sends their children out to war, and just as you send them out, you also have to bring them back,” she said, adding later, “Elazar Stern doesn’t understand anything about democracy. His effort is driven only by fear, hysteria, and [is an] attempt to clear his own conscience. He’s creating more barriers to negotiations.”


{ Israel}


  1. no Yid should ever fight for a goyish army masquearading as true Yidden=Zionists. There is no comforting words to Mrs. Golden unfortunately.


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