Berlin Jewish Magazine To Be Delivered In Blank Envelope As Safety Precaution


envelopeA monthly Jewish magazine in the German capital of Berlin will begin to be delivered inside blank envelopes in order to conceal that subscribers are receiving the magazine and to protect them from potential anti-Semitic harassment and violence.

“We decided to do so despite the significant additional costs, to reduce the likelihood of hostility towards our more than 10,000 community members,” said Jüdisches Berlin magazine spokesman Ilan Kiesling, according to Berlin’s Tagesspiegel newspaper.

“Israelis are beaten up in Berlin solely on the grounds that they are Israeli Jews. We are not yet-I repeat yet-at the stage where Jews are being murdered in Germany just because they are Jews. But measures have to be taken to protect the democratic rule of law,” wrote Gideon Joffe, the head of the Jewish Community of Berlin, which publishes the magazine, in a letter inside the latest issue of the magazine.

In the wake of the recent anti-Semitic terror attacks in Copenhagen and Paris, Berlin authorities have stressed that the number of anti-Semitic incidents in the city has not risen over the past year. But Jewish community infrastructure there continues to be heavily guarded.




  1. I have always wondered why Jews would even want to live in Berlin in the first place. How can a Jew stomach being in Germany? I wish those that are there well but I really wish they would leave.


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