Bernard Kerik: Where’s the Outrage at Killing of NYC Cop?



The merciless gunshot slaying of New York City police officer Brian Moore has not elicited one word of outrage even as anti-police protests rage across the country, former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik says.

He told J.D. Hayworth, host of “Newsmax Prime” on Newsmax TV, that the death of Moore, 25, was a “sad, sad day for the New York City Police Department.”

A grand jury will be asked to return a first-degree murder indictment against the shooting suspect, Demetrius Blackwell, officials announced Monday.

“As we mourn this cop, he was not a drug dealer, he didn’t have a long rap sheet, he was a pillar in his community, he was a protector for our society,” Kerik said of Moore, whose father and other relatives also were officers.

“He was somebody that stood between good and evil, but I don’t hear any outrage, I don’t hear any community leaders screaming and yelling,” Kerik said.

“I don’t hear the civil-rights leaders screaming and yelling. I don’t hear any protests, I don’t hear anything that went on when some others have died over the last six, eight, 10 months,” he added, referring to anti-police brutality demonstrations that followed the police shootings of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and 12-year-old Tamir Rice in Cleveland, Ohio; and the police chokehold death of Eric Garner in New York City.

“[Moore] and other cops like him go out every day all over this country to protect and serve their communities,” Kerik said. “He died doing so. He deserves respect, he deserves that outrage, and it’s just not there.”

Kerik added, “You have to believe so” when asked whether Moore’s slaying might have been fueled by the anti-police sentiments in recent months.

“Who knows what [Blackwell] was thinking,” Kerik said. “The ironic thing is he was already arrested, charged, and imprisoned for attempted murder, and now he took it a step further.”

Kerik said, however, that he hoped New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who came under fire in the wake of two officers’ deaths last December, fully understands the sacrifice of police who die in the line of duty.

“You don’t want to get into politics on a day like this, but the reality is the cops in the New York City Police Department and cops all over this country, they need to be supported by our leadership,” Kerik said.

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  1. Because Obama and Holder were very successful in causing the greatest racial division in our Country’s history. Their race baiting techniques worked perfectly. Its called: “divide and conquer”. The hapless media fell for it hook line and sinker and only aided and abetted them. The average American dummy was to busy watching sports & movies to even notice.

  2. And…
    how come only Trayvon and not this Blackwell fella is what “his” son would look like, if he had one?

  3. the truth is obvious.

    to get outrageous & make riots etc… is not going to help or change anything. for that matter it will only stop the peace etc… BUT some are crazy & think riots help-like they did in Baltimore & NY & Ferguson-but in truth it only put them-over 300 in Baltimore-behind bars.

    hope they stay there so the community can recover & be a relaxed city.

  4. yes – NOT A WORD FROM THE WHITE HOUSE about a black man murdering a white ploice, but already coming up with stories that the two Texas gunmen were NOT ISIS TERRORISTS. He has time for his brothers’ excuses.


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