Beth Jacob of Atlanta Dedication in Honor of Rabbi and Rebbetzin Feldman


With a capacity crowd of 500 people, Beth Jacob of Atlanta celebrated the presentation of a new Sefer Torah and the re-dedication of the shul‘s main sanctuary in honor of Rabbi Emanuel and Estelle Feldman. The kehillah was honored by the presence of Rav Yisroel Meir Lau, who joined them for Shabbos and the Sunday dedication. Enhancements were made to the main shul over the last several months, including leveling the floor, installing a new HVAC system, and building a new mechitzah.

The program began with the completion of the Sefer Torah at the Schloss home. A procession with live music followed.

Rabbi Emanuel Feldman thanked the kehillah for their trust in him many years ago when he was a 25-year-old young, clean-shaven and unmarried rabbi with a dream that an Orthodox congregation can flourish in Atlanta. Rabbi Ilan Feldman, his son and successor as rov of Beth Jacob, shared his excitement that the new sanctuary allows the kehillah to rededicate itself to its commitment to Torah and mitzvah observance, especially in the area of sanctity of a shul.

Rav Lau described his 34-year friendship with Rabbi Emanuel Feldman. Rav Lau explained that both he and Rabbi Emanuel share the nachas of having their sons assume the positions of leadership they themselves once held. He also described the first time he visited Beth Jacob. Rav Lau concluded with a brocha that the kehillah should outgrow its newly renovated facility as it continues to attract more people.

Later that evening, Rav Lau addressed a special reception on the topic of “Keeping the Candle Burning: Lessons from a Child Survivor Turned International Jewish Leader.”

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