Bibi: Why Doesn’t Abbas Condemn Hamas’ Threat to Destroy Us?


netanyahu-abbas1Khaled Mashaal has revealed Hamas’ real face, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu today, while Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas hides behind him by not condemning remarks to destroy Israel.

Mashaal, Hamas’ surpreme leader, visited Gaza, kissed the ground and triumphantly stated that Arabs will never cede “one inch” of “Palestine,” referring to all of Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu told the Cabinet meeting Sunday morning, “Yesterday we were re-exposed to our enemies’ true face. They have no intention of compromising with us; they want to destroy the state. They will fail, of course; in the annals of the history of our people, we – the Jewish People – have overcome such enemies.”

He noted that Abbas, who has fostered an image of a “peace partner” while recently declaring unity with Hamas, “has issued no condemnation, not of the remarks about the destruction of Israel, just as previously he did not condemn the missiles that were fired at Israel.”

“To my regret, he strives for unity with the same Hamas that is supported by Iran,” the Prime Minister added.

“We in the government have no illusions. We want a true peace with our neighbors. But we will not close our eyes and stick our heads in the sand. We are not prepared to repeat the same mistake of a unilateral withdrawal and withdrawals that, in effect, led Hamas to take control of Gaza.

“I have always been astonished at the delusions of others who are prepared to continue this process and call it peace. You would hand over more territory, in this case in Judea and Samaria that controls Israel’s cities, to the same people and the result, of course, will be a Gaza on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, Hadera and Kfar Saba.”

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  1. The Joke is on Bibi!!! Now he is just wakening up to Hamas’s real face! and to Abbas’s shocking “Not condemning Hamas’s remarks. It is not only sad but Pathetic on Bibi’s part. A true Leader would respond with an order of building 500,000 new apartments, that will be built NOW, Not lip service, but NOW!!!! Israel is suffering with “Ma YomRu Ha Goyim Syndrome”. We as Jews, should not look what the goyim are doing, but better look to see what we are doing. ONLY thru are Tefillos & learning Torah will help us get thru these times of World hatred & condemnation.


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