Bill Clinton Defends Foreign Donations



After mounting criticism about new donations from foreign governments, former President Bill Clinton defended the practice. “My theory about all of this is disclose everything and then let people make their judgments,” Clinton said. “I believe we have done a lot more good than harm and I believe this is a good thing.”

It was recently that several governments, including the UAE and Saudi Arabia had donated to the foundation.

“The UAE gave us money. Do we agree with everything they do? No. But they help us fight ISIS,” Clinton said.

Critics have argued that the funds from foreign governments represent a conflict of interest as Clinton’s wife Hillary is expected to run for president. Read more.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Don’t you know that the Clinton Family is as clean as the wind driven snow? They are pashut, not capable of doing anything wrong. Every action they perform comes from true purity. They are Kedoshim from the umas hagoyim.


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