Bill Clinton Tells Mich. Dems To Tout Obamacare Ahead Of Midterms


bill-clinton1It’s pretty obvious that Bill Clinton does not have Obamacare health care coverage. The former president told Michigan Democrats last night at a fundraiser that they should tout the federal health care law and campaign on it this fall.

In a 50-minute speech, he also stressed the importance of getting voters to turn out at the polls and applauded leaders in Detroit for their efforts to improve the city.

Clinton told the audience of about 2,000 at a Michigan Democratic Party fundraiser in Detroit that the Affordable Care Act is a “working people’s bill” that is helping drive down the cost of health care.

“One of the reasons no one in America has gotten a pay raise in a decade is we’re spending so much more on health care than our competitors,” he said at the annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner at Cobo Center. Read more here.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. i think he left his brains @ his doc cuz he obviosly doesnt know how bad the country is now since he have obamaDOESNTcare

  2. Working people’s bill is driving down the cost of health care?
    Well Bill, I suppose that depends on what the meaning of is is.

  3. Funny, I know a lot of people who have better coverage at lower cost thanks to the ACA. And millions who were previously uninsurable because of pre-existing conditions have insurance today.
    Unfortunately the Republican alternative continues to be “let them die”.

  4. Mr Clinton, when the country goes into a 3rd wall class, has enough money to live where ever he wants to, and what ever happens to this country is not his business, for he will be long gone. All he is interested in is himself and his family and that is big question?

  5. #4, “Unfortunately the Republican alternative continues to be “let them die”.”

    Not only do you promulgate fluff pro-Obama propaganda, you promulgate 100% false slander about Republicans.

    Although most people know this already, it still needs to be said.


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