Bill De Blasio Rushes To Al Sharpton’s Defense: He’s ‘The Real Thing’


de-blasioNew York City Mayor Bill de Blasio rushed Wednesday to the defense of Rev. Al Sharpton amid recent allegations that the reverend served as an FBI mob informant in the mid-1980s.

“I just want everyone to know I am proud to stand with Rev. Sharpton,” Mr. de Blasio told gatherers at Mr. Sharpton’s annual civil rights conference. “Because to borrow a phrase from our youth, Reverend, ‘you’re the real thing.’

“I am Rev. Sharpton’s fan, I must admit,” he said. “But there may be an even greater fan of Rev. Sharpton in my household: the first lady of our city, Chirlane McCray. And we both value his advice and his guidance.”

The new Democratic mayor heaped praise on Mr. Sharpton, crediting him with leading a march two years ago that turned the tide against the NYPD tactic known as stop-and-frisk, the Associated Press reported.

“[Mr. Sharpton‘s] work gets more powerful with every passing year. He reaches more people, he has a greater impact,” the mayor said.

Mr. Sharpton denied Monday a report that claims he once served as a paid FBI informant.

“I don’t see this as news,” he told “This has been brought up three or four times now. I don’t understand. It’s crazy.

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  1. Hey Bill, you idiot! Why don’t you tell that to Yankel Rosenbaums family?! Why don’t you tell that to the Family’s that lost loved ones in Freddy’s fashion mart?! This fat slob is now your hero?! Bill, you are an evil person!

  2. Yes, Alfred Sharpton Jr. is the real thing.

    The real oisvorf, ganav, shoiteh, etc., ???????? ???????? ?? ???? ????, ???, ?????? ????? ?????? ?????, ???? ????? ?????

    ??? ???”? ??????, ?? ????? ?????? ???? ???

    If DeBlasion doesn’t know how to make havdoloh between Sharpton and higher level leaders, it doesn’t reflect well on him either. I guess he is just trying to chanfeh a certain liberal and balck oilam.

    Rev. Al, ?????”? ???????


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