Billionaire Donates $400 Million to Harvard


Hedge-fund manager John PaulsonHedge-fund manager John Paulson is donating $400 million to Harvard University, the biggest gift in the school’s history. Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences will be renamed after Paulson and part of the gift will go toward helping build a new campus in the Boston neighborhood of Allston.

“The education here opened up a lot of doors for me,” Paulson said, describing the gift as an effort to “ensure that Harvard, Allston and Boston and the East Coast will be a center for technological innovation.”

Paulson graduated from Harvard Business School in 1980. Read more at The Harvard Crimson.

{CB Newscenter}


  1. A great way to waste your money. On a college that likely does not need it. What about
    poor people in Africa who need clean drinking water and diapers for their babies?

    Or if education is his thing, maybe use it to educate the under privileged …


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