Bloomberg Vetoes Bill on Parking Grace Period


bloomberg1Mayor Michael Bloomberg has vetoed a bill that gives drivers a five-minute grace period in certain parking zones around the city. The City Council has the 34 votes needed to override the veto. It passed the bill last month by a vote of 47 to 2.The legislation gives drivers an extra five minutes past the expired time on Muni-Meters and parking regulations known as alternate-side rules. Those vary from street to street throughout the city and are intended to keep blocks clear so street sweepers can pass through.

The fine for those violations is generally $65.

Supporters of the grace period say too many drivers get “gotcha tickets” just one or two minutes after the expired time.

Bloomberg says the law will create chaos and lead to more disputes about tickets.

{New York Now/ Newscenter}


  1. Bloomberg is 100% right. How are drivers going to prove they were there only 3 minutes when the meter maid has started writing a ticket? Everyone who gets back to his car seeing a metermaid beginning to write will claim he was only there 4 minutes. This bill will create utter chaos and probably violence. It will also greatly increase the burden on police and metermaids to track the time someone stopped at a no parking zone, or exactly when the meter expired. If Bloomberg is wicked, it’s certainly not because of this.

  2. Why couln’t the city council just have the streets for alternate side parking down to one hour instead of 90 minutes and avoid this entire debacle?

  3. They should put some sort of clock in the meters so that people have a way to prove it if they’re only 4 minutes late.

    #1, no offense, but appreciate a bracha when you see one. Even though you may not agree with everything he does, or with most things, no one can call him as being overall bad.


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