Bochur Caught Speeding in Ukraine Jailed for 10 Days


rabbi-yosef-segalA yeshiva bochur, who went to visit the Ukraine, was caught driving over the speed limit on an inter-city highway and was arrested by a traffic policeman. Following his arrest, the officer rushed to call additional officers, who imprisoned the bochur.

A quick trial was held in Poltava in central Ukraine and the judge sentenced the bochur to ten days in jail. Ukrainian politicians were unmoved by all pleas for leniency and by profuse apologies from the bochur, who begged forgiveness.

Rabbi Yosef Segal, the Chabad shliach in Poltava, received a notice about the case from the Israeli Embassy and rushed to provide assistance to the bochur.

The boy was imprisoned in appalling conditions, but thanks to Rabbi Segal, who visits him every day, the bochur receives kosher food each day from the local Ohr Avner school, as well as seforim for him to learn. 

Officials in Ukraine have warned that with many visitors arriving in the country during the coming days to spend Rosh Hashanah at the kever of Rav Nachman of Breslov in Uman, speeding limits will be strictly enforced and visitors should pay careful attention to traffic laws in the country.

{Yair Israel}


  1. If they are enforcing it only against Jews then it is antisemitism, However they enforce it no matter what your nationality is so why is it antisemitism???????

  2. This bochur committed a crime, he broke a rule in the Medinah he was in. They have every right to punish him in accoradance with their law.

    I’m sure Rav Chaim Kanievsky said something similar last month.

    The interesting things about this article are:
    1) It only mentions that a Rabbi was involved. If he stood trial, I assume he had legal counsel

    2) It doesn’t mention whether this is a recognised punishment for breaking this rule. I.e would a local or another tourist get the same – perhaps there is more information in this case than presented in the 6 sentences above.

    3) Can we assume that the Rabbi only organised kosher food, but not a legal counsel

  3. Ukraine and Russia are drenched with Jewish blood. This actually should be considered a miracle versus what would have happened to a Jew breaking the law there 100 years ago.

  4. Not bad punishment at all. Try driving DWI in these & other 3 world countries, you can be beheaded, amputated certain body parts or years in jail.

  5. It pays to hire an a”y driver though a yehudi, with his car.
    Last year I visited Mekomos Hakedoshim with a friend, for 3 days, 2700 km,
    the driver got caught 1 night, and paid some “boksheesh” and was let go in a few minutes


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