Habochur Shalom Mari z”l Drowns in Beit Zayit


shalom mari[Video and photos below.] It is with great sadness that we report the passing of habochur Shalom Mari z”l of Ramat Shlomo, Yerushalayim, who drowned in Beit Zayit. 

After Shalom went missing, an extensive search was conducted, in the air, on the ground and in the water, until his body was found.

The tragedy has devastated the community and especially Shalom’s relatives and friends.

Shalom, who was a beloved talmid of Yeshivas Lev Eliyohu in Ramat Shlomo, was swimming in the Beit Zayit Reservoir near Beit Shemesh when he apparently drowned in swampy waters.

The report of the missing bochur first came in to emergency personnel – including Ichud Hatzolah and Zaka – at about 6 p.m.

The body was found by a diver at about 7:30 p.m.

Officials said that the area was forbidden for swimming and that signs were posted stating as much. Further details were not available as an investigation is underway.

Boruch dayan emes.


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{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Absolutely no reason to show these pictures. In truth, it does not need to be reported; it just depresses people.

    We think so many more people are sick and dying, but in reality, 20 years ago we just weren’t aware. With email and the internet, we know the names of everyone, and the news spreads. This might be a good thing for saying Tehillim, but it brings a lot of people down.

  2. BDE What tragic news to hear & what a sad loss. we just lost a 18 month baby in Lakewood today who caught a sickness & a 10 week old baby yesterday from queens left in the park alone. is this not a tragic mageifa from Hashem waiting for us to return to him through teshuva or is this coincidence? Please let us repent & return to hashem. so this time of sadness can come to an end May his soul rest in peace

  3. ונשמרתם מאד לנפשותיכם
    PLEASE! Adhere to the rules! Watch the SIGNS! If the area is FORBIDDEN TO SWIM don’t go swimming there! We have to start taking accountability for our actions.
    Parents please talk to your children and emphasize the DANGERS. Adults, don’t be cynical of authority, if you disrespect authority then the young people watching you will emulate this lack of respect.
    It is summer and we all want to have a good time. Swimming is a wonderful experience, and the water is very refreshing. BUT WATER POSES MANY HIDDEN DANGERS. Every lake, large or small, even those that look very calm and placid, may have hidden UNDERCURRENTS and pits which can cause a person to SUDDENLY drown.
    No one should ever go swimming ALONE.
    No one should be swimming where there is NO LIFEGUARD.
    Never dive into a body of water where you don’t know the DEPTH.
    These are simple yet very important safety considerations to keep in mind when one wants to go swimming. Let’s all do our השתדלות to prevent such devastating mishaps and pray for סיעתא דשמיא that this will not happen again.
    ברוך דיין האמת


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