Body Found in Brooklyn May Be Brother of Child-Killer Levi Aron: Sources


A body found in Brooklyn may be a brother of child-killer Levi Aron, who is serving decades in prison for kidnapping, killing and dismembering a young boy in 2011, law enforcement sources say.
Relatives found the body duct-taped and wrapped in a sheet in the basement of a home on East 2nd Street in Kensington Heights, the sources said.
The home was blocked off with crime scene tape on Friday afternoon. It’s unclear who it belongs to.
Police have not identified the body, but they believe it to be a brother of Aron who has been missing since Tuesday, according to sources, who cautioned the information is preliminary. Read more at NBC.



  1. Doesn’t the dead man have a first name? Why must Matzav have such shoddy reporting? Very amateurish kinderlach.

  2. Don’t think it’s right to publicize the name of a possible suicide because of a sibling’s past. Surely this family has suffered a lot of embarrassment already

  3. We’ve lost our sensitivity and our chashivus ha’adam. Nebach how much horror and disgrace whatever’s left of this pitiful family remains. This is klal Yisroel’s tragedy and we may be responsible in some way or another for not going out of our comfort zone to help and step in when a family like this comes our way. Don’t know the family. Nebach nebach nebach


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