Borough Park Medical Facility Undergoes $78M Refi


The developers of a senior health care facility in Brooklyn have refinanced it with a $78.4 million loan, property records show.

The nine-story senior care facility is located at 4915 10th Avenue in Borough Park and run by Kenny Rozenberg and Daryl Hagler’s Centers Health Care.

The financing, which comes from Greystone Funding Corporation, includes an $11.5 million mortgage and consolidates the remaining balance on a $73 million TD Bank loan, which came to $66.9 million. Greystone’s Fred Levine led the financing deal in-house.

The property is known as the Boro Park Center, and Rozenberg and Hagler purchased it for $19 million in 2011. The duo owns and operates several other senior centers in New York but refer to the Boro Park Center as “the flagship of the Centers Health Care” family on their company website. (Via THE REAL DEAL)



  1. What do they need the money for. The place is convenient for community people but Hiraldo Geraldo should go into this place and expose what is not being done. The menu is ……so many patients order food or have someone bring in from outside. If one complains, they are told are getting a new cook. But the cook can’t be blamed as is not provided with what would need. Food is same for all.The staff is rude and maybe so because understaffed and not treated well. The Purell was removed, so anyone off the street coming in sneezing cannot clean hands. In this hot weather, people walking over on Shabbos have no way of taking a drink. Water fountains are out of order. Showers only twice a week. Everyone gets a wheelchair and not permitted to walk. The place is dirty . Patients cannot get a warm drink in middle of day. If you walk into the lobby you can meet and talk to some of the patients who live there and are treated as if were in a jail. The place deserves to be closed down or taken over by people with a heart not those whose main interest is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$


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