Bosnian Soccer Fans in Vienna Chant ‘Kill, Kill the Jews’ While Waving Palestinian Flags



Bosnian soccer fans joined pro-Palestinian demonstrators in chanting antisemitic slogans and waving Palestinian flags a few hours before an international match in Vienna on Tuesday, according to Austrian daily newspaper Der Standard.

A video, which was posted to YouTube on Friday, shows the soccer fans, who gathered to watch Austria play against Bosnia-Herzegovina, shouting “Kill, Kill the Jews” and “Free, Free Palestine.” Some of the Bosnian fans can be identified in the crowd by their blue, white and yellow apparel, representing the soccer team and the country’s official colors. The rally took place in Stephansplatz, Vienna’s central square.

Der Standard reported that police are investigating the incident. Police spokesperson Roman Hahslinger said about 100 people participated in the demonstration, 50 of whom were football fans.

Watch the disturbing rally in the video HERE.

The Algemeiner Journal



  1. I am glad to see some honesty in their saying kill the jews”, which of course is always the theme of the pro-palestinian movement.they just forget to say it sometimes.


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