Brooklyn: Greenfield Demands DOT Stop Repaving Avenues in Boro Park Until Summer


boro-park Brooklyn – Councilman David G. Greenfield is furious at the Department of Transportation (DOT) for repaving a major commercial street without consulting the community on the timing. Councilman Greenfield has asked that DOT stop repaving Borough Park’s heavily trafficked avenues until the summer begins and there are less cars on the road. Greenfield also asked that DOT close down streets one at a time as opposed to multiple blocks to ease traffic flow. DOT has promised Greenfield that there will be no other resurfacing projects in Community Board 12 for the month of June. Additionally, Greenfield asked that DOT repave between 3pm on Friday and sundown on Saturday. Currently, DOT closes down multiple streets for a week or so to mill and then repave.

“It’s ridiculous for DOT to close down 14th Avenue during rush hour without consulting with the community. It’s crucial that roads in my District are repaved. I am simply urging DOT to please take my constituents’ needs into consideration and revise its repavement process immediately,” said Councilman Greenfield.

Every year the Department of Transportation repaves certain roads throughout different community boards. This week, DOT is repaving 14th avenue between Church Ave and 41 Street. Councilman Greenfield has worked closely with the DOT to improve safety and traffic flow along a number of neighborhood streets through the installation of traffic lights, street lights, stop signs and speed bumps where necessary. Greenfield secured $200,000 for additionally street resurfacing through participatory budgeting for this upcoming fiscal year to ensure that more streets will be repaved than ever before.

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  1. today the kids in my school sat an extra forty five minutes on the bus until they finally got out of the gridlock that resulted from repaving 14 ave. and forty sixth street! poor kids! at least it wasnt a sweltering hot day cuz thats really dangerous!

  2. Based on nyc public records, the city is paying 366 million to repave 3600 lane miles. this equals to 175833.3333333333 per lane mile. sooo greenfields 200k will technically cover about 5 avenue blocks. That really makes a difference!

    Mr Greenfield. if they are fixing now please let them. For the sake of my car, safety,etc.


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