Brother Of Captive Jordanian Pilot Asks Islamist Group For Mercy: “He’s A Muslim”


jordanian-first-lieutenant-muath-al-kasaesbehThe radical Islamic State terror group notched a major victory on Wednesday when it shot down a Jordanian warplane belong to the US-led coalition against the Islamist group and captured its pilot, First Lieutenant Muath al-Kasaesbeh.

The family of the pilot has prayed for his safe return from captivity, and some in the Hashemite kingdom believe that, despite the Islamist group’s cruelty, there is a negotiation partner.

“I implore Daesh (as Islamic State is known in Arabic) to show him mercy,” asked the pilot’s brother, Jaweed, in an interview with a local radio station. “My brother is a devout Muslim who prays every morning; he will meet Allah. He only flew with a Koran by his side and he only followed the orders he receives from the army – those he cannot refuse.”

The captive pilot’s brother asked to show the terror group just how much of a devout Muslim his sibling in the hope they would spare his life, or he would not have said the following line: “Muath was a respectable Jordanian citizen who obeyed his two parents and throughout his life did not break fast during Ramadan.”

Jaweed also called on the Jordanian public to pray for his brother and said that his family heard of the brother’s capture through media reports.

Muath married last summer and only finished flight school in recent months. His father, Youssef, also urged the public to support the family. “I pray that Allah will plant mercy in their hearts and they will release him.”

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  1. their simplest are so devout – even if from threat if otherwise – willing to blow themselves up in a second and every other word praise allah – we can take a lesson from that


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