California Makes Vaccines Mandatory


vaccineOn Tuesday, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that requires mandatory vaccinations for almost every school child in the state. The law strikes the state’s previous exemptions for personal or religious beliefs.

Children with medical problems, including immune-system deficiencies, will be exempt.

Parents who decline vaccinations will have to enroll their children in home-based private schools or off-campus public independent-study programs.

“The science remains unequivocal that vaccines are safe and vaccines save lives,” said state Sen. Richard Pan, who co-authored the bill. Read more at the San Jose Mercury News.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. i dont think its the governments place to decide what i need to do with my child
    that being said i think it is unwise, foolish, selfish, dangerous and reckless to not vaccinate your child unless they are allergic or immunocompromised and cannot be vaccinated with certain vaccines
    i think schools, shuls, playgroups, camps etc… should not admit those who are not vaccinated unless it is for the above reasons

  2. CA is telling parents they can’t decide what is best for their children. Homeschooling will be the only alternative, because private schools will eventually abide by the mandate. Don’t be surprised that the next thing they will mandate is how we can raise our children.

  3. Mig,
    You have the right to do what you want. You don’t have the right to endanger someone else the governments job is to protect the masses! Would you appreciate someone smoking in your face? Unregulated water suppy? People in this land have the right to do anything that right stops when it infringes on others rights. Get it!

  4. M. That’s right. I have the right to protect my child from vaccines that contain aluminum, mercury and other dangerous substances that studies have shown can cause neurological side effects including autism (no it has not been disproven) unlike the CDC want you to believe. All you have to do is go on the VAERS website and you will notice many, many reports of children been sickened after a vaccine was administered.

    The CDC has long insisted that vaccines are the best way to protect public health. As a result, the vaccine schedule has tripled form 23 does of 7 different vaccines in 1980 to 69 doses of 16 different doses in 2010. Also, physicians vaccinate children starting from 3 months, knowing full well that a child’s brain is still developing. Well guess what. We have more sick kids today than every before with an increase in autism, ADD/ADHD, asthma, etc.


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