Canada Opposes 15 Palestinian Attempts To Join United Nations Treaties


canadian-prime-minister-stephen-harperCanada has formally opposed Palestinian attempts to join 15 different United Nations treaties and conventions – a position that puts the federal government on the wrong side of history and at odds with its citizenry, the Palestinian envoy in Ottawa says.

Canada is objecting in writing to the UN because it maintains Palestine is not a legal state. The Palestinians have formally replied to Canada’s objections in writing, issuing a pointed reminder that they won non-member observer status in November 2012 at the UN General Assembly.

The dispute has sparked the most scathing Palestinian criticism to date of the Harper government’s unwavering support of Israel.

“It pains the Palestinians to know that Canada is trying to exclude us from our rightful place in the family of nations. It is awkward to see a great country like Canada relegated to the role of cheerleader for Israeli extremists at the UN,” Said Hamad, the chief representative of the Palestinian delegation to Canada, said in an emailed response to questions.

“When future Canadians look back at Canada’s positions during this time they will be appalled that their country was so boldly opposed to justice and so far on the wrong side of history,” he added.

“We invite Canada to pursue a position of its own – rather than parrot policies developed by the Likud Party and its ultranationalist allies – on the matter of Palestinian freedom.”

Canada voted against the Palestinian bid for statehood recognition along with Israel, the United States and six smaller countries, but it still won the approval of the 193-member UN General Assembly.

On Nov. 29, 2012, John Baird – who was foreign affairs minister at the time – flew to New York to deliver a speech to the General Assembly to express Canada’s opposition to the bid.

Now, Canada is making it clear to the UN that because it does not recognize “Palestine” as a state, it does not recognize any treaty relations with it, either.

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  1. I’m a proud Canadian. We have a prime minister that’s stands up and voices his opinions not caring if it’s popular or not. He is not your typical politician , a honest man. G-D blesshim

  2. When Fatah, Hamas, ISIS and Al Quaida will be relegated to the dustbin of history, time will show that Canada was on the right side of history.

  3. The United States has taken the same position as Canada on this issue. A few years ago President Obama read former French President Sarkozy the riot act when France voted to let “Palestine” into UNESCO.

  4. They have been attacked and have gotten the picture right. Americans think the bad people do not exist….we just have to “understand” them….

  5. Stephen Harper is clearly one of the chassidei Ha’umos and will get a lot of Schar when the Geula finally comes. Kol Hakavod.


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