Canadian Prime Minister Tours Mumbai Chabad House


harper-mumbaiTouring the bullet-ridden shell of the Chabad House in Mumbai, India, one year after terrorists stormed the center and murdered six of its occupants, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper lit a candle yesterday in memory of Rabbi Gavriel and Rivky Holtzberg, and the four Jewish guests who perished in the attack.Walking alongside Rabbi Yosef Kantor, director of Chabad-Lubavitch of Thailand; Rabbi Chaim Mendelsohn of the Canadian Federation of Chabad-Lubavitch; Rabbi Berel Gansbourg of Montreal, Harper described the visit as a show of solidarity and a chance to view first-hand the damage inflicted on the Mumbai center, as well as the resolve of Jewish leaders to continue its activities.

Canadian Minister of International Trade Stockwell Day, who had visited the damaged center once before, accompanied the prime minister on the tour.

“Of all the times that you could have chosen,” Kantor, who led the tour, told Harper, “that you chose now, one year after the attacks, to come and visit, strengthens our courage to move forward.”

{ Newscenter}



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