Carter: I Couldn’t Afford to Be Prez Now



Jimmy Carter said he wouldn’t be able to run for president today because it costs too much. “I couldn’t possibly do it, because I have very little money,” Carter told a press conference in Pennsylvania. “And now it takes $200 million if you want any chance to get the Democratic or Republican nomination.”

Carter was elected in 1976 when funding of elections was far more limited. The 90-year-old ex-president said he raised no money for his runs against Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan thanks to public financing of campaigns, which continued until Obama didn’t accept public funds in 2008 because he could raise more.

“We didn’t raise any money. So we weren’t obligated to any special interest groups, and now, of course, very wealthy people are giving unlimited amounts of money, almost, because of the Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United,” he said. Read more at The Times Tribune.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Thank G-d. One term was more than enough
    Let’s just hope we survive our current president’s tenure.

  2. Carter to the forefront again! Super thoughts.

    Maybe he can run for the toilet seat revolution instead.

    This guy is so far lost that his peanuts are more evaporative than his own greed.

    Something tells me that the Carter days are not going to be the biggest study in the American History Classroom other than to see “what was the idea of a peanut farming humor made possible in good days of lost value”.

    Give it to Carter, he was given a long life for the very reason that our American People can see how tragic his expressions and wealth really was in his years.

  3. Don’t worry jimmy – no one wants you back in office, but if you were to run – I’m sure all your friends in the moslem world would be really happy to fund you.

  4. No. Mr. Carter it is us, the citizens of the US who can’t afford to have you as President again. Your 4 years were 4 years too many for us and now you seem to still think you speak for the U.S. Stop shooting off your mouth with your anti-Semitic and anti-Israel remarks already. Just go back to your peanut farm and stay there!!

  5. Comments #1 & 2 are perfect. Just I wish he stays out of the peanut farms lest he contaminate all our peanut butter.

  6. why are you all getting on the slippery slope bandwagon and slandering this poor feller? he already has enough tzaaris dealing with his alcoholic brother, billy.

  7. the architect of the camp david accords is not a mere peanut farmer. he is a human of vast intellect who has traveled throughout the undeveloped world to help ikea advertise by building prefabs in the guise of selfless philanthropy.and dont forget his wife lillian with her southern drawl. quite a couple. a lot better than many of you bumbling fools who cant spell or write a coherent sentence. lay down your computers and humble yourselves you foolish knaves!

  8. The USA could not afford you either. Actually, the reason you couldn’t raise the money needed is because nobody would give – maybe peanuts.


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