Castro Rep: Cuba ‘Welcomes’ New Policy


raul-castroThe head of North American affairs for Cuba says that President Raul Castro welcomes “the entire package” of new policies and relations with the U.S.

Josefina Vidal announced Monday that Castro praised “President Obama’s decision to introduce the most significant changes in relations with Cuba in 54 years.” What’s being offered by the U.S. includes an expansion of technology and trade opportunities. Read more at The Daily Telegraph.

{ Newscenter}


  1. These actions are long overdue. While Cuba remains a police state, it is not a threat to the US and is not as bad as many countries we trade with extensively such as China. And even more importantly, normalizing relations with Cuba cuts the legs off of all the other hostile leftist regimes in Latin America including Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, and especially the anti-Semitic rashaim in Venezuela.

    And it should be noted that some things HAVE improved in Cuba. Raul Castro has liberalized the economy and made it easier for Cubans to travel outside the country. (Until Obama’s recent action, it was actually easier for a Cuban citizen to get permission from the Cuban government to visit the US than for a US citizen to get permission from the US government to visit Cuba!) In addition Cuba hasn’t executed anyone in over a decade.


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