Left-Wing Jewish Group Pushing for Prenups Due to Agunah Situations


divorceThe Beit Hillel organization, a left-wing association of 170 national-religious rabbis and “female Jewish scholars,” has initiated a campaign to encourage the use of prenuptial agreements, drawn up to conform with Jewish law, designed to help solve the phenomenon of “get refusal” whereby one of the spouses in a marriage refuses to give or accept a get.

A policy statement issued by the Beit Hillel forum said that the problem of get refusal was getting worse and that action must be taken to address the issue.

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{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Considering the fact that 84% of divorces are initiated by women, this is another idea of making the institution of marriages ever more disposable.

    Since Kohanim are zerizim, Chazal (the true Rabbis) made it more difficult for them to divorce their wives. Chazal were concerned that their nature of zerizus will allow them to divorce without proper forethought.

    In the days of chazal (and throughout Jewish history!), only a man was able to initiate divorce. (Unless the wife was disgusted by her husband – then she could demand a get.) Woman are “dayton kalos” – quicker to make firm decisions, and regret and reverse course, over and over. Does anyone think that Chazal would seek to make it easier for women to make decisions of divorce on a fly, or that Chazal would seek to make it more challenging (in a limited way), as they did with Kohanim???

    Maybe these centrist rabbis should call themselves sociologists, if they seek to emulate contemporary society. Rabbis seek to emulate Chazal.

  2. why are female Jewish scholars in quotation marks. Is it the position of Matzav that females cannot be Jewish scholars? If so why not?

    Does Matzav believe their brains are different than Jewish men. What about gentiles like the famous Jochan Riechlin, 16 century Catholic Bible scholar and student of the Seforno? Would Matzav put quotation marks around his scholarship? I think many of the featured scholars on Matzav have questionable scholarship.

  3. The issue of standard prenuptials may not be such a bad idea but having seen some of the ones being given as prototypes I think I think any man who signs one is a real idiot.

  4. to confused #3:
    Torah scholarship is not just an intellectual pursuit as might be the case in other Human endeavors – in order to be a Talmid Chacham, one needs to observe all that is learned, purify his heart, and subdue his will to the will of G-d. In view of the above, Jochan Riechlin might have been very knowledgeable, but was not a Talmid Chacham; neither are the brainy learned ingenious feminists. Like it or not: G-d’s Torah gives Jewish men the role of Torah Scholarship – Jewish women should also strive to learn and get close to G-d, but not for the promotion of feminism and self aggrandizement.


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