Chareidi Educational Institutions Unite


After unsuccessfully fighting for the rights owed to them according to coalition agreements made with chareidi parties, the directors of chareidi schools, chadorim, and “recognized but unofficial” schools met to discuss the shortfall and shot a joint complaint to chareidi MKs, demanding that swift action be taken to restore their rights.

“The coalition agreements are not being honored at all and the educational institutions are collapsing,” the letter complained.

The directors pointed out that schools were not receiving funds for the enhancement of Jewish studies and that a decision to introduce additional courses was not being implemented. “Recognized but unofficial” institutions and exempt institutions were missing fifty-seven million shekels for extra hours cut by Ministers Piron and Lapid in the last government, which were still not restored. In kindergartens, higher salaries owing to more accredited teachers had not yet been paid.

The directors emphasized that even if the coalition agreement is fully implemented, the situation will remain far from what it was ten years ago. They warned that if the present conditions continue, some institutions might collapse.

The urgent letter was signed by Rav Yitzchok Goldknopf on behalf of talmudei Torah, Rav Ze’ev Wolf for schools, and Rav Dovid Sharfer for “recognized but unofficial” institutions.

David Steger – Israel


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