Chareidi Party Lists Prerequisites for Joining Coalition


moshe-gafniIn a meeting of the council of chareidi Talmud Torah school managers, MK Ya’akov Asher of UTJ declared that arranging the budgeting for chareidi academic institutions is a prerequisite for the chareidi parties to join any future Knesset coalition government.

“One of the prerequisites of United Torah Judaism to enter any future coalition is a solution and arrangement of the budgets of the academic institutions and Talmud Torahs,” said Asher.

The chareidi MK added “just as they didn’t succeed in breaking us in the opposition, they won’t be able to buy us with (governmental) roles and pastries. As we fought in the opposition, so with G-d’s help will we fight in a coalition.”

In the meeting MK Meir Porush (UTJ) attacked the outgoing coalition government headed by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

“After two years of a bad government there’s a breakdown, people are dispirited, I don’t want to say hopeless, but each of us, each of us in hareidi Judaism, all of us ask what will be?” said Porush. Read more at Arutz Sheva.

{ Israel}


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