Child Released from Car in Karnei Shomron Carjacking


karnei-shomronAn Israeli man, at a gas station near Karnei Shomron, had the shock of his life, when Arab carjackers jumped into his car and drove off – with the man’s 4 year old child inside the car.

The man was sitting in his car at the gas station when a car stopped in front of him, blocking the way. The Israeli man got out of his car, leaving his keys in the ignition to talk to the driver. Two other men then jumped into the car, threatened to hurt the child if the man tried to stop them, and both cars drove off.

The man chased after his car, screaming.

Upon reaching the highway, the carjackers quickly pulled over, let the boy out onto the side of the highway, and drove off with the stolen vehicle.

The boy is OK.

The police and IDF searched for the carjackers, but they apparently escaped into PA controlled Kalkilya.

On Friday there was a similar attempt to carjack a car from the Paz station next to Karnei Shomron, but the thieves only managed to steal 500 shekels from inside the car.

The Jewish Press



  1. Boruch Hashem the child was saved! What an open miracle!
    i feel bad the guy lost his car but its hard to be anything but thrilled that he was spared a so much greater tragedy.


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